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Table of Contents

Preface — Some Terminology — On Troubled Land — Decentralized Pronomianism — Bearing One’s Cross — The Eternal Return — Creativity Is Submission — A Fascist Mother, “The Best of Women” — From Christ to the Bourgeoisie — Deleuzo-Petersonianism — HBDeleuze — Becoming Imperceptible — Accelerate the Process — The Real, The Evolved, and the Traditional — Becoming Minority — Acknowledgments — References

Book ($8)

About 22,000 words or 90 pages. You get a PDF, an EPUB, and a MOBI (Kindle).

Book + Audiobook ($15)

You get the 3 digital book files plus an MP3 audiobook (2 hours, 20 minutes). The book is read by yours truly. Please note the audio is quite good, I think, but I admit I'm not yet producing perfect audio. Listen to the Preface at

Book + Audiobook + Course ($100)

You get the ebook, the audiobook, and 6 college-level lectures (videos, edited full-text transcripts including citations, and mp3 podcast versions of the videos). The lectures are designed to help you digest, remember, and expand your understanding from the book. To get a sense of my style, see my public videos on Deleuze:

Outline of video lecture series

  • Lecture 1: Transcendental Empiricism
  • Lecture 2: Immanence
  • Lecture 3: Univocity
  • Lecture 4: Radical Politics for Control Societies
  • Lecture 5 (Extension I): Agamben, Tiqqun, and the Coming Community
  • Lecture 6 (Extension II): Grosz, Darwin, and Race/Gender Accelerationism

The course content and community lives exclusively on Urbit—it's like Discord, but better. If you don't have an Urbit ship, I'll give you one for free.


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