The Girard Course

Master the key ideas of René Girard in 6 weeks

Taught by Geoff Shullenberger, PhD.

Next cohort starts March 20. All details at

"Avoided all the maddening, boring, and pretentious atmosphere that fogs difficult philosophy in an academic setting. Fire the pedantic scholars! Get the straight dope here!"

—Michael Gibson, Investor at 1517 Fund

"Geoff is insightful but unpretentious, welcoming but no nonsense, interdisciplinary yet precise... Helped to unlock the script I’m writing by deftly interpreting Girard vis-à-vis Kubrick."

—Leif Bergerud, PhD Student

"My thinking was challenged and reshaped... Brings together intellectuals, artists, and entrepreneurs. Collaborations have outlasted the length of the course."

—Raven Connolly


You'll read across Girard's ouvre and participate in group discussions over the course of 6 weeks. Cohorts run 2-3 times per year.

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2-Hour Discussion Seminars
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The Girard Course