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IndieThinkers: A 4-Week Course

Next live cohort: September 11 - October 9. All details at Enroll here to gain immediate access to the private community and reserve a seat in the next cohort: 2 group conferences, 4 lectures, 4 Q&A sessions, and a total of 16 co-working sessions (4x each week for 4 weeks).

"I don't think I'd have been willing to stake out my own turf and create my own content online if it wasn't for Justin Murphy and IndieThinkers."

—Emmet Penney, independent scholar

"IndieThinkers is the future: everything here is driven by genuine enthusiasm. Unlike contemporary academia, learning and communicating with others at IndieThinkers encourages flourishing for all concerned."

—Nina Power, philosopher and author

"IndieThinkers has been immensely beneficial to me intellectually and personally. The library resources were essential for building my blog and podcast platforms, and the work sessions and conferences have helped me stay focused and productive."

—Geoff Shullenberger, lecturer and blogger/podcaster

"The IndieThinkers community enabled me to create a fiction writing group with the kind of open-minded, generous people that I've been looking for."

—Britt Olson, screenwriter

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IndieThinkers: A 4-Week Course