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The Imperceptible Country


Citizenship operates on a "pay what you want" model. The average is around $125/year but we don't want to stress any members' finances. If you love the community, we want your dues to be sustainable, so choose an amount you won't worry about.

  • Immediate access to the Imperceptible Town, an active community of ~500 writers, hackers, podcasters, Youtubers, academics and post-academics, founders, and investors.
  • Free access to periodic lectures, seminars, and discussions (outsiders pay ~$25 each)
  • Private Q&As with invited guests (archive includes talks with Mike Solana on Substack, Mike Gibson on VC for outsiders, MemeAnalysis on growing a theory Youtube to 100k subscribers, and more).
  • An Urbit planet—your own private computer in the cloud—and access to the Imperceptible City on the Urbit network. (Urbit planets are not ready yet, I'll email everyone when they are.)
  • Invitation to the annual IRL meetup

More details at Imperceptible.Country


The Imperceptible Country

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